Judges And Security Pickets

No one likes being stopped at security pickets. However, in some cases, these check points serve the useful purpose of making the locality secure for residents and visitors and we have come to accept them as part of our daily commute. In a recent incident, an Honourable Judge of the Peshawar High Court was stopped […]

Police And Lawyers

Most of us are probably aware of the unfortunate clash between lawyers and Police forces that led to the death of two lawyers in Daska, Sialkot. We also know that the lawyers were not armed (or at least, to our knowledge, were not threatening to fire upon members of the Police contingent) and hence the […]

Lahore High Court’s Verdict: Domestic Workers’ Rights And International Law

Lahore High Court’s Verdict: Domestic Workers’ Rights and International Law Recently the honourable Lahore High Court gave its verdict that there  must be legislative measures adopted by the provincial government of Punjab for the protection of the rights of domestic workers in domestic household. Appearing on behalf of a domestic worker, Subay Khan, I argued […]

HR Compliance

HR compliance  PAKISTAN has ratified seven out of the nine core UN human rights (HR) treaties. All these instruments require state parties to submit initial and subsequently periodic reports to treaty committees to determine their compliance with and implementation of HR commitments. In total, Pakistan has signed 27 HR treaties in order to maintain its […]

The Concept Of Good Governance In Modern World And Governance By Caliphs Of Islam – Part I

The Concept of Good Governance in Modern World and Governance by Caliphs of Islam – Part I Abstract: The west through good governance has provided basic facilities to its peoples and thus improved the life of its peoples. On the contrary Muslim world badly failed to provide basic facilities of life to its peoples. The bad-governance has created […]


Myopia The attack on Paris casts a very large shadow over the world. A tragedy manufactured in the refinery of the entity known as ISIS. The prime ingredient that ISIS uses to create its disasters is pure religious intolerance, a horrifying creature possessing an inherent hydra like quality, a swipe at it only seems to […]