Supreme Court Urged By The Obama Administration To Cancel Recently Passed Texas Abortion Law

Supreme Court Urged by The Obama Administration to Cancel Recently Passed Texas Abortion Law The Obama administration urged the US Supreme to cancel a recently passed Texas abortion law. According to the administration, the law can prove to be harmful to women’s health. US Solicitor General Donald Verrilli said that the law would continue to […]

Concerns Raised Over Poland’s New Media Law

Concerns Raised Over Poland’s New Media Law The  European Commission expressed its intentions to debate Poland’s new law on control of state-run media after Warsaw seized control of public broadcasters. According to the EU Commissioner Gunther Oettinger it can amount to infringing common European values by passing legislation giving the government control of the state media. However […]

UK Soldiers Likely To Face Iraq War Crime Charges

UK Soldiers Likely To Face Iraq War Crime Charges According to the head of a unit investigating alleged abuses, soldiers from UK may face prosecution for war crimes. Mark Warwick, a former police detective and the head of Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT) stated that  that some of the allegations being investigated included murder. Furthermore the investigations revealed […]

UN Resolution Approves Investigations Into Burundi Human Rights Abuses

UN resolution approves investigations into Burundi human rights abuses The top UN human rights assembly has approved a resolution requiring investigations into human rights violations  in Burundi, condemning violence in the country, use of excessive force by officials, and restrictions on freedoms. It was also reported that at least 400 people have been killed since April […]

New York Agrees To Overhaul Solitary Confinement In Prisons

New York Agrees to Overhaul Solitary Confinement in Prisons New York prison officials have decided to overhaul their use of solitary confinement with the aim of significantly reducing the number of inmates held in isolation, cutting the maximum length of stay and improving their living conditions. The $62 million settlement is the result of a lawsuit brought by the […]